Hiking in March
1. A hike right by the movie theatre in Redwood city, right by the highway. An easy 3 miles, with a somewhat interesting view of highway 101, low-lying marsh extending to the bay, with the buildings of Oracle as a back drop. Not terribly exciting, but a hike nonetheless! 141-4156_IMG 141-4158_IMG
2. This one is a pleasant surprise. Starting on the hills of San Bruno and going higher, we were soon treated to a sweeping view of the San Francisco Bay. The City spreaded out in front of us in all its glory. At the top, a view of the ocean awaited us. Wild flowers and fauna (including various little lizzards, a snake and a bunny rabbit) added to the fun.
141-4160_IMG 141-4162_IMG 141-4171_IMG 141-4173_IMG 141-4174_IMG
141-4175_IMG 141-4177_IMG 141-4178_IMG 141-4181_IMG  
At the end of the hike, we drove by the ocean, where the beach was tinted by the lowering sun. Fish and chips by the sea seemed appropriate reward for our efforts, and not a bad conclusion of another sun-filled, balmy day. 141-4183_IMG 141-4184_IMG 141-4186_IMG
3. Cataract Falls. Though it may be hot and dry else where in the Bay Area, in the shade of Mount Tamalpaise it is always greenand cool. Cataract Trail starts from the pretty Alpine Lake and follows Cataract Creek up the fern covered hillside. A series of cascades chirps along the path, providing enough incentive for the steady climb. 141-4187_IMG 141-4191_IMG
141-4192_IMG 141-4194_IMG 141-4196_IMG 141-4197_IMG 141-4199_IMG